How to make a quote using a professional quote template

How to make a quote using a professional quote template

You can create an quote template in Word, Excel, or simplify the quoting process and use a pre-made quotation template like the one below:

Free quote template

A professional layout helps you build trust with your clients. When you use a template, you’re guaranteed to create consistent quotes that you can easily repeat with each job request.

Once you’ve set up your quote template, plug in the information above required for each job.

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How to send a quote to your customers

Now that you know how to make a quote for a client (and look extra professional, too), you need to send it to your prospect to win the job.

But before you do that, you need to figure out when is the best time to send a quote to a client.

A good rule of thumb is to send a quote as soon as possible or just after the client has contacted you to request it — if possible, it should be sent within 24 hours of first contact.

The best way to present a quote to a client is to email it to them in PDF format. Emails are professional, easy to track, and you can easily follow up on them.

Option 1: send a quotation to a client by email

When you’re sending a quotation for a job, keep the subject line simple and the message brief and friendly. Here’s a sample of a quote sent by email:

Jobber’s quoting software automates this part of the process. Simply create your quote in the app and Jobber will automatically send your client a branded link to view the quote. Your customers can then either approve it or request changes online.

They can also get PDF attachment for their records.

Option 2: Send a quote by text message

Another option is to text the quote directly to your client. This makes quote delivery even easier—homeowners are very likely to notice, check, and respond to their text messages.

Sending quotes by text message also makes you look like a modern, tech-savvy business, even if you’re a one-person team operating out of your home!

Just like automated quote emails, clients can view, approve, or request changes to the quote right from their phone when you use Jobber’s quote management software.

In this text message, your client can view and approve their quote in their client hub. You can customize the text message as you see fit.

Close the deal with quote follow-ups

Sending a professional, well-written quote is like getting your foot in the door. But it’s the quote follow-up that closes the deal.

Clients and prospects get busy. They may have multiple quote requests or projects on the go, so it’s normal for them to forget to approve your quote, even if you’ve put an expiry date on it.

A well-timed follow-up is usually all you need for prospects to hit “approve.” And all you need to do? Practically nothing!

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